"This community needs a leader who is willing to secure and safeguard the common goals and dreams we all have for all of our families:

  • safe and healthy neighborhoods,

  • excellent and varied educational opportunities for our youth; and

  • greater access to economic opportunities."

Crime and Safe Neighborhoods

Every day we are challenged by rising crime and violence in our communities. I have a track record of making our neighborhoods safer.  As an Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta, I prosecuted serious felony crimes such as murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and burglary with a specialization in criminal street gangs.

I believe in supporting law enforcement.  However, there is a need for police reform and reallocation of funding.  Policing should utilize standards focused on data, conflict resolution, and civil and human rights.  I support community-based policing and will facilitate town halls, focus groups, community centers, and safe zone initiatives in order to combat the present rise in crime.


As a product of public schools, I am an advocate for public education.  I believe in a strong and diverse public education system for our students.  I support the QBE formula and will fight for increased funding per each public school student.  I will support boards of education that offer age-appropriate career related education and work based learning in an effort to prepare students to be college and career ready.  I will fight to help secure funding for wraparound support that schools provide in order to help students overcome non-academic barriers to learning.  I advocate for increased pay for teachers and school employees.  I support any school curriculum that teaches accurate and complete, historical information.

Affordable Housing

As the costs of buying or renting housing continue to rise, affordable housing options are becoming increasingly scarce in our community.  I believe in preserving our historic neighborhoods and fighting development that displaces our residents.  I support comprehensive strategies to ensure affordable housing options for all to include funding for senior citizens to repair homes, increased development of mixed-income housing, and offering incentives to landlords as an alternative to tenant evictions.

Criminal Justice Reform

I believe in finding responsible strategies to reduce the amount of time offenders spend on probation.  Long terms of probation often impact an offender’s employment opportunities while also draining the resources of local probation offices.  By creating incentives for employers to hire offenders and supporting work re-entry programs, recidivism rates will decline and our workforce will be strengthened.  I support funding for veteran, behavioral health, and drug accountability courts.  I believe in reforming Georgia’s bail system and eliminating cash bail.

Economic Growth and Job Security

I support the recruitment of technology, energy, distribution, food, and other businesses to the area.  As businesses choose to invest in our community, it will create additional jobs for our local residents and stimulate the local economy.  I believe in financial incentives such as tax credits and tax exemptions for businesses that guarantee employment of local residents.  I support comprehensive workforce training as an incentive to entice businesses to the District.  I also support customized workforce training as a tool for continuous job-specific skill improvement.