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Hello, my name is Adam Petty and I am a candidate for Georgia Senate District 38.


I am running for this office because we need a dynamic, present, and engaged leader who will ensure that access to the government is fair, equitable, and for everyone.

Service has been deeply rooted in my family for generations. I am a proud descendant of Americus Petty, who served in the 2nd Regiment, United States Colored Cavalry during the Civil War. My grandfather fought in the Korea and Vietnam wars and retired from the United States Marine Corps after 30 years of service. By their example, both of these men instilled a sense of pride, service, and leadership in my family.  Their selfless service encouraged me to also show up, lead and serve. They answered the call to serve and naturally, I also answered the call to public service. 

I was commissioned into the United States Army as a Judge Advocate and served on active duty for nearly seven years, including a deployment to Afghanistan. Currently, I am a Major in the Army Reserve. 

After leaving active duty, I relocated to Southwest Atlanta and worked as an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting gang crimes. Now, I have my own solo law practice here in the city. I am a proud resident of District 38 who wants to create a community that is thriving, safe, and healthy for everyone. 

This district needs someone who answers the call to service and shows up consistently; one that is willing to faithfully represent the residents of both, Fulton and Cobb counties.

This community needs a leader who is willing to secure and safeguard the common goals and dreams we all have for all of our families:

  • safe and healthy neighborhoods;


  • excellent and varied educational opportunities for our youth; and

  • greater access to economic opportunities.


Please support me in bringing a strong and determined voice to District 38!